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Dr. Jack Tips,  Ph.D., C.C.N., C.Hom. is a clinical nutritionist, classical homeopath, systemic herbologist, teacher, and author of 16 books and training programs with over 30 years of clinical experience. He is an avid researcher and developer of cutting-edge, "Cellular Healing" programs (Intestinal Wellness, Thyroid, Detoxification, Liver Support, Anti-Aging, Persistent Fatigue, etc.) employed by hundreds of natural health doctors across the United States and worldwide. Professionally he is known as a staunch advocate of genuine natural healing and a guiding-influence for thousands of clinicians who employ natural methods. Clinically, he maintains a practice exclusively for people who want to solve the underlying causes and contributors of health concerns according to the body's natural methods.

What Can Cellular Healing Do For You?

True nutrition is that which your cells can use. Enliven your cells and your cells light up your life with abundant energy, clear thoughts, resistance to pathogens and diseases, longevity, and well-being. Simply put, happy cells means adaptability and great health. All in all, a better life experience!

Health emanates from the individual cells performing their unique duties optimally. Your health is all about your cells -- from the bacteria in your intestines, to your individual cells that collectively function as organs, glands, and structures. For people suffering with less than optimal health, the real issue is, "Why are your cells choosing to express a difficulty rather than vitality?"  Dr. Tips' Causational Model For Cellular Healing establishes a step-by-step process for the body's innate healing faculties to restore the most optimal health possible. 

What Can The Apple-A-Day Programs Do For You?

The Apple-A-Day programs are fundamental, prerequisite herbal/nutritional programs that your cells can use to optimize their metabolic functions--often with the most profound impact! They are custom designed to help your body's innate vitality improve your state of whole-body wellness. CLICK HERE to learn more.

What Can Dr. Tips Do For You?

Consultations with Dr. Tips are based on his three-tiered Causational approach:  1) the constitutional homeopathic remedy to stimulate the Innate Vitality to move toward better wellness including mental, emotional, as well as physical wellbeing; 2) the herbal/nutritional support of cell and tissue function; and 3) the dietary/nutritional (and exercise) foundation that enlivens the body with the nourishment it requires.  

Most consultations are by phone based on Dr. Tips' differential evaluative process, and in-person appointments can be scheduled at either his home/office or at the Choices Wellness Clinic in Austin, Texas.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Bundled Programs!

Dr. Tips has created "bundled programs" to provide exceptional value for people looking to improve their health in a step-by step process that includes: 1) laboratory testing, 2) consultations, 3) supplements, 4) follow up lab testing. These programs include:
• Pathogen Purge Program (Reset the Gastro-Intestinal Microbiome)
• Happy Tummy (Leaky Gut / Microbiome Reseeding / Gastro-Intestinal Wellness)
• Spring Cleaning (60-Day "Detox Done Right")
• Thyroid Support (Basic Cellular Metabolism)
• Oomph-Back (Stress Relief--Adrenal Wellness)
• Liver-Lifeline -- (Foundational Healing Triad)
• Enduring Youthfulness (Anti-Aging -- Core Cellular Metabolic Support)
• Energy! (Banish Persistent Fatigue
• Universal Daily Maintenance & Custom-Designed Daily Maintenance.

Your Goal is Our Goal

Here at Apple-A-Day, everyone is dedicated to your success. From our Clinic Director, Janine Tips and our Clinic Manager, Jessica Johnson, we're here to help you. We trust that you'll enjoy the process and new found health that enhances every moment of your life.  


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